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We are the Duct Cleaning specialist of New Mexico

Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, Los Lunas & Belen

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At Custom-Air, Inc. we have perfected the process of duct cleaning for our customers. Most duct cleaning companies use the Rotobrush system or the negative air system. At Custom-Air, Inc. we use both. We hook our negative air machine to your supply duct and at the same time we are utilizing the Rotobrush system to brush and vacuum the entire duct system. Heating, air conditioning and plumbing are our specialty, that means we KNOW duct work! When you hire a carpet cleaning company or a maid service to clean your ducts, that's like hiring a carpenter to wire your electrical system. He might be able to do some basics but a licensed electrician is the way to go. You should have a licensed mechanical contractor experienced in duct systems clean them!

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Our main location is Albuquerque for centrally located reasons, we also have an office in Belen, Edgewood & Santa Fe. We have installations as far north as Las Vegas, NM and as far south as T or C. We have been in Santa Rosa, NM to the east and Grants, NM to the west. Our customers always call us again as well as refer us to their friends and family members. We take very good care of the homes we are trusted with and pride ourselves on jobs done correctly, on budget and on time.

Rio Rancho & Los Lunas

We can handle all Valencia & Sandoval county calls easily from all of our offices.

In-Slab Duct Problems?

We have saved 100's of customers homes that have collapsed or water damaged slab ducts. Many homes in New Mexico have buried ducts hidden in the concrete slab. We have perfected the techniques to solve this problem. Contact-us to find out how we can help!


Custom-Air, Inc. has always been well known for our HVAC division's quality design and installation process. We now have the same drive and ability to satisfy our plumbing clients with the same quality customer service. Licensed bonded & insured for all mechanical work including gas lines, ventilation and refrigeration.